Art and Maps Since 1945
17th May 2013 // 2nd Annual Graduate Conference //
School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex

Senate Room 4.722 (Entrance 1W, floor 4 – See Map)

09:30 Registration and Coffee

10:00-10:10 Intro

“Psychogeographic Legacies”

10:10-10:35 Berit Hummel, Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University of Berlin, ‘Mapping Dériville. Playtime, Alphaville and the Recapturing of Urban Space’

10:35-11:00 Ruth Burgon, University of Edinburgh, ‘Lost in this City and in this Story’: Maps, Stories and the Fractured Subject on the Work of Sophie Calle and Janet Cardiff’

11:00-11:20 Q&A

11:15-11:35 Coffee Break

“Locative Media”

11:35-12:00 Dan Frodsham, University of Exeter, ‘Locating ‘Place’ on the Maps of Mobile Social Networks: The Case of COMOB’

12:00 -12:25 Gavin MacDonald, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Bodies Moving and Being Moved: Mapping Affect in Christian Nold’s Bio Mapping’

12:25-12:45 Q&A

12:45-13:45 Lunch

“Mapping Beyond the Western Imaginary”

13:45-14:10 Felipe Palma, Goldsmiths, University of London, ‘The Translation Act, or The Performative Maps of the Atacama Desert, South America’

14:10-14:35 Henry Skerritt, University of Pittsburgh, ‘Mapping Colonial Massacres onto the Ancestral Landscape’

14:35-14:55 Q&A


“Time, Histories, Entropy”

15:15-15:40 Hugh Govan, University of Essex, ‘Specific Objects, Precarious Journeys: On Robert Smithson’s Non-Site: Line of Wreckage (1968) and Mapping in Post-Minimal Art’

15:40-16:05 Regina Mamou, artist and adjunct lecturer in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Department of Museum Education, ‘Mapping Collected Memory in Amman, Jordan’

16:05- 16:25 Q&A

16:25 – 17:05KEYNOTE ADDRESS – ‘Mother Nature on the Run: Austerity and utopian globalisms in the visual arts in the 1970s’
Jonathan Harris, Professor in Global Art and Design Studies and Director of Research for the Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art, Design and Media at the University of Southampton.

17:05- 17:30  Q&A



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